Cozy Hammock

Cozy Hammock


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Cozy Hammock


The Cozy Hammock is the perfect naptime accessory for Rats, Guinea Pigs, Dwarf Rabbits, and Ferrets that provides a comfortable spot to snuggle and rest after fun day of play.

Did you know? Small animals have a natural instinct to build nests and beds that allow them to sleep in a comfortable warm spot. Your pet's home will feel more comfortable and relaxed when your provide them a cozy spot to hide, cuddle up to and relax.


  • Plushed lined for added comfort
  • Quality Non-toxic materials for your pets safety
  • Safe, 4 Durable nylon straps and metal swivel clips
  • Fits inside any pet's home
  • Made to withstand multiple washings
  • Available in multi coloured fun options (Please let us choose)
  • Size: 14" long, 14" wide (L 35.6cm x W 35.6cm)
  • Ideal for Rats, Guinea Pigs, Dwarf Rabbits, and Ferrets