Small Animal Supplies

Passwell Cosy Heat Pad


$79.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Passwell Cosy Heat Pad   Useful for:   Hanging pouches for orphaned marsupials: Place pad at back of pouch. P... More

Comfey Pet Compressed Wood Shavings


$8.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Comfey Pet Compressed Wood Shavings Environmentally friendly bedding for small animals & pets. Comfey Pet woodshavings have been du... More

Pet Nurser 4oz - Only 3 Left In stock
$4.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Four Paws Pet Nurser 4oz Four Paws Pet Nurser is scientifically designed by veterinarians and professional breeders. The Pet Nurser is an ide... More

Pet Brand Small Animal Drinking Bottle 100ml


$3.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Pet Brand Small Animal Drinking Bottle 100ml Small Animal drink bottle 100ml, ideal for small animals cages or carriers. Suitable fo... More

Vetafarm Rabbit Origins Food

CODE: BC20624

$35.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Rabbit Origins Food Furry Friends Rabbit Diet is the perfect balance between great nutrition and fantastic taste. Designed ... More

Fun A Maze Work Out Centre For Mice


$44.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Fun A Maze Work Out Centre For Mice “Leave nothing to the imagination, endless possibilities” Designed to meet t... More

Vetafarm Crittacare Herbivore - 350g

CODE: BC00056

$14.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Crittacare Herbivore Ideal force-feeding formula for sick or injured small herbivores. Nutritionally balance... More

Vetafarm Cavy Origins - Guinea Pig Food

CODE: BC20602

$6.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Cavy Origins - Guinea Pig Food Due to particular dietary requirements, such as a high demand for dietary vitamin C, Guinea pi... More

Rollin' The Hay


$15.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Rollin The Hay The spinning Hay and salad dispenser for rabbits Guinea Pigs and small animals . Nutrition and fun all rolled into on... More

Cat Pyramid Small


$9.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Cat Pyramid Small (Approx 9cm High) Great for Small Dog, Rats, Guinea Pigs or any other small pets too! Fun activity toy to ... More

Vetafarm Ferret Origins Diet

CODE: BC210233

$16.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Ferret Origins Diet Product Description Complete grain free Ferret Diet made with a combination of Australian lamb a... More

Vetafarm Vita-C Plus 50 Tablets

CODE: BC20610

$11.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Vita-C Plus Water soluble multivitamin tablets for Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs ( cavies) have an absolute requirement f... More

Unipet Hamster Wheel


$4.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Unipet Hamster Wheel The Hamster wheel includes the stand with clip to attach to cage and is suitable for mice & rats. Provides hours ... More

Cruise N Coupe Car - Pink (Last One In Stock)


$7.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Cruise N Coupe Car Your Critter can cruise and snooze in style in its very own little car. Whote car size is approx 14cm... More

Vetafarm Fresh Cut Lucerne Bale

CODE: BC20615

$13.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Fresh Cut Lucerne Bale Sown, grown and baled in the Riverina region of NSW. Fresh Cut Lucerne is higher in protein and calcium th... More