Horse Shampoos


Always read and follow the prescribed directions for use.

If irritation occurs stop using immediately and seek medical assistance from your Veterinarian.

Dermcare Natural Shampoo


$24.95 (Including GST)
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Dermcare Natural Shampoo Gentle, cleansing hypoallergenic shampoo Great for animals with sensitive skin Use on... More

Fido's Mycodex Medicated Wash


$17.95 (Including GST)
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Fido's Mycodex Medicated Wash COMPOSITION 85g/L Alcohol, 2g/L Lauryl isoquinolinium bromide, 4g/L Cresols (from coal tar).... More

Troy Hoss Gloss Medicated Shampoo

CODE: H6510

$17.95 (Including GST)
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Troy Hoss Gloss Medicated Shampoo Actions Dichlorophen has an antimicrobial effect and sodium lauryl ether sulphate promotes lathering.... More