Kelato - Cotton Wool Roll

Kelato - Cotton Wool Roll


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Kelato - Cotton Wool Roll

What Is It?

Kelato Animal Health’s Cotton Wool was designed and selected by veterinarians for multipurpose uses in surgeries and during on-site calls.

What’s In It?

A superior quality natural cotton fibre and rayon blend. White, fluffy and soft
easy to start rolls that are interleaved with paper and individually wrapped to
maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

How Does It Work?

Kelato Cotton Wool maximises absorbency (absorbs 21-22 grams of water
per gram of material) and softness with minimal fibre shedding, and retains
both body and handling even when wet.

How Is It Used?

Kelato Cotton Wool is ideal for animal and veterinary use for dressings,
wound management as well as first aid.

Pack Sizes & Presentation:
375grams per roll

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cotton and Rayon blend
  • Retains body and handling even when wet
  • Maximum softness with minimal fibre shedding
  • Individually wrapped to maintain cleanliness and hygiene
  • Easy to start rolls interleaved with paper

Leading veterinarians recognise the fantastic quality and value for money this product represents.