Cat Supplements

Always read and follow the prescribed directions for use.

If irritation occurs stop using immediately and seek medical assistance from your Veterinarian.



$20.95 (Including GST)
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DI-VETELACT Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV Milk Replacer and Nutritional Supplement Di-Vetelact® was Australia’s first... More

Feliway 48ml Refill


$52.95 (Including GST)
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Feliway Refill 48ml Includes 1 x Refill bottle 48ml (Does Not Include Diffuser) Urine Marking To reduce or prevent urine... More

Feliway Diffuser and 48ml Refill


$92.95 (Including GST)
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Feliway Diffuser and Refill Includes 1 x Diffuser and 1 x Refill bottle 48ml Urine Marking To reduce or prevent urine... More

Feliway Spray 60ml


$52.95 (Including GST)
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Feliway Spray 60ml Includes 1 x 60ml Spray (Does Not Include Diffuser) Feliway Cat Comforting Pheromone Spray helps to restore... More

Paw Osteosupport Joint Care Powder for Cats - 60 Capsules


$32.95 (Including GST)
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Paw Osteosupport Joint Care Powder for Cats - 60 Capsules Natural green lipped mussel powder (Perna128®) manufactured using... More

Pet Rite Pet Nurser 120ml
$4.95 (Including GST)
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Pet-Rite Pet Nurser 120ml Pet Rite Pet Nurser is scientifically designed by veterinarians and professional breeders. A pet nurser is ideal... More

Pill Popper - Pil Pop- R


$7.95 (Including GST)
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Pill Popper - Pil Pop - R Taking tablets has never been easier with the Pil Pop R. Simply insert the medication into the tip Tilt you pets... More

Shed X Dermaplex Supplement for Cats 245ml


(Including GST)
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Shed X Dermaplex Supplement for Cats Shed-X is an all natural supplement and is proven to eliminate excessive shedding in 2-4 weeks while providing... More

Troy Animalac Plus

CODE: A2260

$18.95 (Including GST)
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Troy Animalac Plus Actions Feed supplement: Fats, proteins and carbohydrates in a base which provides energy content. Indications A... More

Troy Calcium Syrup

CODE: T3840

$19.95 (Including GST)
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Troy Calcium Syrup Actions Essential mineral which promotes remineralisation of the bone in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium... More

Troy Laxapet Gel 100grms

CODE: L5820

$21.95 (Including GST)
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Troy Laxapet Gel 100grms Actions Mild lubricant laxative. Softens faeces when used 2 - 3 times per week. Indications  A laxative and... More

Troy Nutripet - 200grms

CODE: N6040

$21.95 (Including GST)
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Troy Nutripet Actions Provides extra energy, vitamins and minerals. Appetite stimulant. Indications A highly palatable source of calorie and... More

Vetafarm Probotic

CODE: BC00423

$16.95 (Including GST)
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Vetafarm Probotic A concentrated water-soluble blend of 7 live microbes for use in drinking water or addition to food. Aids in the... More

Vets All Natural Health Booster


$139.95 (Including GST)
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Vets All Natural Health Booster A completely natural multivitamin for your pet. It provides the essential vitamins, minerals, trace... More

Vets All Natural Joint Formula


$49.95 (Including GST)
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Vets All Natural Joint Support Holistically supports healthy bones, joints and cartilage.  Dr Bruce formulated this powder to... More