Cat Pyramid Small

Cat Pyramid Small


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Cat Pyramid Small (Approx 9cm High)

Great for Small Dog, Rats, Guinea Pigs or any other small pets too!

Fun activity toy to be filled with dog snacks.

It wobbles, rocks and throws out pieces of snacks when the cat pushes and plays with it.

The Idea…
… with the Cat Pyramid is that your cat will have a great time of activity and fun.

Fill the Cat Pyramid with treats or dry food bits, then let your cat play and work to get the treats out by pushing it with its paws and nose. The Cat Pyramid, which has a weighted base, will rock, twist and wobble back and forth so that treats will fall out through the hole in the top.

The weight in the base will make the Cat Pyramid stand up straight. The size of the treats will determine the degree of difficulty, small pieces are easier and the bigger pieces are harder. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Fun and activating brain training due to the fact that it has irregular movements.

… Do not let the dogs bite the Cat Pyramid. Use it only under supervision approximately 15-30 minutes at a time. When the cat has emptied the Cat Pyramid, put it away until next time. Do not throw the Cat Pyramid around.