Always read and follow the prescribed directions for use.

If irritation occurs stop using immediately and seek medical assistance from your Veterinarian.

Vetafarm Herpaboost

CODE: BC50009

$17.95 (Including GST)
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Vetafarm Herpaboost     Super nutrient food for all reptiles Stressed and anorexic... More

Vetafarm Herpashed

CODE: BC50142

$9.95 (Including GST)
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Vetafarm Herpashed Shedding mist for reptiles A blend of cosmeceuticals to aid the hydration and shedding of... More

Vetafarm Herpavite - 50ml

CODE: BC50363

$14.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Herpavite Most captive reptiles require a vitamin supplement for continued good health. Many natural food items... More

Vetafarm Multical Dust - 150g

CODE: BC50140

$13.95 (Including GST)
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Vetafarm Multical Dust Micro fined nutritional support for reptiles and amphibians. In the emerging world of herpatology,... More