Baycox Coccidiocide Solution (Poultry) - 1 Litre

Baycox Coccidiocide Solution (Poultry) - 1 Litre


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Baycox Coccidiocide Solution (Poultry) 1 Litre

Baycox Cocccidiocide Solution is for the treatment and control of coccidiocide in chickens by Eimeria Species. It's a palatable water medication for the treatment of coccidiosis in poultry.

Water medication is the preferred treatment regime to treat coccidiosis, as infected birds will continue to drink, but may fail to consume an effective dose of an in-feed treatment.


Powerful - Controls all important Eimeria species in chickens.

Effective - Controls all intracellular stages of coccidia.

Convenient - Compatible with most commonly used feed additives and medicants.

Strategic - Does not interfere with the development of a stable immunity.

Economical - Acts fast to minimise economic losses.

User-friendly - Water-based, making it easy to administer

Safe- High safety margin. Does not reduce feed and water intake, or depress growth
           rate and feed conversion.

Dosage Directions

Baycox is diluted at the rate of 3 litres per 1000 litres of drinking water (3:1000).

It is administered on 2 consecutive days with an 8 hour treatment period on both days.

Ensure full lighting conditions during treatment.

Do not withhold feed during treatment.

Add the required amount of Baycox to the amount of water consumed in an 8 hour period and stir thoroughly. Allow for varying water consumption during hot weather.

Treat birds for 8 hours each day for 2 days (2 x 8 hour treatments).

No other source of drinking water should be available to birds during the 8 hour period.

Withholding  Period     

Meat - Do not Administer later than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Eggs - The Withholding Period is 6 weeks after administration of Baycox Poultry. After this time humans can consume the eggs.


General Instructions

Baycox mixes with all types of water. However in areas where the drinking water is acidic, the water should be tested with pH test strips and brought to a minimum pH of 8.5 using sodium carbonate (washing soda).
To avoid excessive foaming, add Baycox to the water after filling the supply tank.