Kohnke's Own Hoof-Seal

Kohnke's Own Hoof-Seal


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Imagine a Hoof Dressing that is…

ticksm.jpg - 1096 Bytes Easy to apply and economical – doesn’t come off on your hands.
ticksm.jpg - 1096 Bytes Helps keep the hooves in a natural, flexible condition.
ticksm.jpg - 1096 Bytes No mess, doesn’t melt off or become ‘mucky’ with dust or shavings.
ticksm.jpg - 1096 Bytes Only needs to be applied at weekly intervals under normal conditions.

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With Breathable, Biodegradable Polyurethane

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A world first formulation containing natural protective wood oils and porous, breathable, biodegradable POLYURETHANE that provides a thin, wear resistant film which helps to minimise moisture variations within the hooves to help prevent drying out and cracks in hot weather and excessive softening in wet weather. 


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 Did you know that? 
Under hot dry conditions, a horse’s hoof loses 15% of its weight each day as moisture is lost through the sole – a protective film can help minimise this loss.

A small amount goes a long way, and it doesn’t wear off or melt during exercise!

Handy Hint: During ‘normal’ cool, dry conditions, Hoof-Seal® needs only to be applied as a thin film once a week to the whole hoof-wall, sole and frog. Under very wet or dry conditions, apply a coating of Hoof-Seal to the sole and frog in between the routine weekly application.