Is Online Pet Cart's Website safe and secure?

Our website is very secure and we take protecting your confidential information and privacy very seriously.

Secure Online Payments

GeoTrustTrue BusinessID® + EV   

With our True BusinessID® + EV SSL Certificate your will see the green browser address bar to demonstrate you have reached a highly authenticated site when used with next-generation browsers. This enhanced interface feature immediately assures you that you are on a secure web site and not on a fraudulent one.


Security on our website is achieved in several ways. First, account security is acheived through your password protected account. Secondly, logging in to your account is done in an encrypted environment. Making it very difficult for anyone to view information travelling between computers.

Your username and password protect you against unauthorised access. You may, and we recommend that you do, change your password regularly.

While you are browsing the website looking at products, your data is not protected, however once you look at any information considered private or confidential, (viewing your cart, checking out, changing account details, etc), your information will become encrypted.  

www.onlinepetcart.com.au uses a secure checkout process. The secure checkout uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which encrypts your personal information and credit card details before they are transmitted via the web. This ensures that your personal information cannot be read by others or tampered with during transit. More information about our security can be read here: