Sashas Blend Powder 250g

Sashas Blend Powder 250g


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Sashas  Blend Powder 250g

The Sashas™ formula is a unique and potent combination of marine concentrates with high natural anti inflammatory and joint protective properties.

Based on scientific results the Sashas™ formula is the ideal choice for long-term joint support at both the earliest stages as well as advanced Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD).

Ongoing research on the Sashas™ formulation has demonstrated that Sashas™:

  • Significantly inhibits PGE2 production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain)
  • Increases cartilage cell viability and decreases the loss of GAG's from the cartilage matrix (keeps cartilage in the joints healthy)
  • Significantly inhibits Nitric Oxide production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain

Nitric Oxide is the partner of PGE2 in producing the sensation of pain.

Some treatments only deal with resolving the pain but the injury or disease continues to progress. Some products are helpful in joint health but don’t deal with the pain.

In order to provide a complete joint treatment the product needs to:

  • Deal with pain and inflammation
  • Promote improved digestive function
  • Stimulate healthy joint function
  • Stimulate healthy joint fluid production to enable optimum uptake of nutrients (without this the result of any treatment may be impaired)

Sashas Blend™ address all the key areas, the stimulation of healthy joint fluid production is also important to filter the nutrients through the synovial membrane. Without this the result of any treatment may be impaired. 

For further information on what happens in the joint during the degeneration process, check out our Joint Degeneration Process Diagrams by clicking here

Dealing with pain and inflammation

Controlling pain and inflammation allows the animal to participate in daily activities and of course make life more comfortable in general.

Stimulation of healthy joint function

The viscosity of synovial fluid needs to be improved to cushion the joint and prevent wear and tear to cartilage.  This will reduce symptoms of stiffness when arising and improve the ability to jump and run etc

In some circumstances it can cause the animal to feel pain even in the absence of PGE2. It also behaves as a 'free radical' causing damaging oxidation of cell membranes within the joint.

Administration Of Powder

To be mixed well with food or drink
1 level teaspoon = 5ml (approx 2.27 grams)

Note: give half the recommended dose for the first week of use

Powder Dosage Chart

Animal Weight: up to 10kg 11-20kg 21-30kg 31-40kg 41kg and up
Daily Dosage: 1/2 level teaspoon 3/4 level teaspoon

1 level teaspoon 

1 ¼ level teaspoons 
1 ½ level teaspoons

* Contents are not to be heated

Compared with most other joint health products Sashas Blend is very cost effective.

For you the consumer, it can be confusing - not only is it paramount that the product has to 'work' but you also need to ascertain value for money.

Dosage rates vary significantly for each product so you cannot just determine cost effectiveness based on the retail price or pack size.

Divide the retail price by the doses for your weight pet.

For example for an 11 - 20 kg dog Sashas Blend will last 145 days

Therefore for a 20 kg dog calculate: retail price $ divided by 145 days.

Also consider that Sashas Blend contains no fillers or binders such as the case of some chews or tablets so each dose of Sashas Blend contains 100% active ingredients.


Sashas Blend™ is 100% pure and natural with no additives or fillers. It contains Stabilised Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Marine Cartilage.

This unique combination of marine concentrates contains a wide range of nutrients that may be beneficial in the relief of arthritic symptoms in dogs. The actives in Sashas Blend are very delicate.

Harvesting times and methods of processing are very crucial to the final formulation.

Analysis per 2 gram:

Crude protein 1.29g, Carbohydrate 0.23g, Total fat 0.11g, Ash 0.34g, Moisture 0.04g, Energy 29.8kj, Energy 7.1kcal

Trace Elements:

Boron 22µg, Calcium 60mg, Copper 18µg , Iron 2.6mg, Magnesium 6.2mg, Manganese 32µg , Phosphorus 38mg, Potassium 14mg, Selenium 3µg, Sodium 28mg, Zinc 149µg

Total Essential Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 32.3mg (EPA 8.9mg DHA 10.4mg), Polyunsaturated 35.6mg, Monounsaturated 23.6mg


Taurine 1.9%, Glycosaminoglycans 14% - predominant GAG - Chondroitin Sulphate