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How to Stuff-A-Ball

The award-winning KONG Stuff-A-Ball® is a lively and versatile natural rubber treat-dispenser and dental toy. As your dog rolls, bounces or chews the Stuff-A-Ball, it will periodically release food or treats. The resulting rewards ensure longer enriching playtimes. As your dog chews on the Stuff-A-Ball, its Denta-Ridges™ will thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth and gum line. Thus conditioning the gums and providing jaw exercise. When used as directed, the Stuff-A-Ball will engage and stimulate your dog, while reducing boredom, destructive behaviors, and separation anxiety. Recommended and used by veterinarians and dog experts worldwide. Your dog will love Stuff-A-Ball!

Load your KONG Stuff-A-Ball with healthy dog foods or treats. As your dog plays with the Stuff-A-Ball it will periodically provide a reward by releasing food or treats. The longer he or she plays with Stuff-A-Ball the more your dog will be rewarded. Working for food will stimulate your dog’s mind and exercise their body. To make future Stuff-A-Ball sessions extra special, we recommend removing the Stuff-A-Ball after each play period.

Stuff it, roll it, bounce it, throw it!

The Stuff-A-Ball can be loaded with virtually any food or treat. We recommend introducing the Stuff-A-Ball before a regular feeding time. Start off with small treats or pieces of food that are easily dispensed. This beginner’s method will encourage further Stuff-A-Ball play. As your dog masters the Stuff-A-Ball, you can gradually add larger pieces of food or treats to challenge your dog and prolong playtimes. Add variety to your dog’s playtime by loading the Stuff-A-Ball with several types of food and treats or experiment with different healthy recipes. Use your imagination and most importantly - have fun!

Stuffing Recommendations:
Use KONG Stuff’N brand treats. Such as, KONG Stuff’N: Mini Snaps, Pastes, Beef & Liver or TOTs.
dog food kibbles work well for beginners. Make it more challenging by sealing the openings of the Stuff-A-Ball with soft dog foods, peanut butter, or soft cheeses.
Use any type of dog treat, biscuits, dried liver, or jerky. Larger treats can be broken into smaller pieces before stuffing.
Stuff with sliced or diced fresh veggies or fruit.
Spread soft foods in between the Denta-ridges™. Try peanut butter, minced chicken, soft dog foods, cooked pasta, tuna, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, or soft cheeses.

Some recipes can be messy and should be used out doors.

Healthy Hints:
Your dog’s health is very important. Certain foods can upset your dog’s digestion, or be unhealthy. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian.
Remember, when using Stuff-A-Ball to feed your dog, adjust the amount of dog food at regular feeding times. Do not over-feed your dog.
Keep your Stuff-A-Ball clean. Wash after each feeding session. Stuff-A-Ball is dishwasher safe on the top rack.
When introducing a new dog toy, always supervise your dog’s playtime. For your dog’s safety, replace worn or damaged toys.

KONG Stuff-A-Ball Remedies and Prevention

Boredom and Depression: provide your dog with regular interactive Stuff-A-Ball sessions, including:
Loading the Stuff-A-Ball with food or treats. Used as directed, a Stuff-A-Ball interactive feeding will provide your dog with hours of physical and mental stimulation.
Stuff-A-Ball Fetch and Retrieve: Load the Stuff-A-Ball with one or two treats and throw it a short distance. When your dog fetches, Stuff-A-Ball will reward. Next, encourage your dog to bring back the Stuff-A-Ball and reward for each movement towards you. Soon your dog will master fetching and retrieving, a great bonding and exercise game.
Stuff-A-Ball Hide and Seek: While distracting your dog, hide one or more Stuff-A-Balls around the house or outside. Use a “seek Stuff-A-Ball” command with your dog before each game, and watch your dog hunt. The Stuff-A-Ball will reward each successful hunt.

Destructive Behaviors (chewing, etc.):
Many inappropriate behaviors can be remedied or prevented through positive replacement strategies. When your dog is engaged or about to engage in a negative behavior, substitute that behavior with a positive behavior and reward your dog. For example, if your dog picks up a shoe to chew, substitute with a food-stuffed Stuff-A-Ball. As your dog plays with the Stuff-A-Ball, it will provide reward. Praise your dog as food is released.

Separation Anxiety: Food-stuffed Stuff-A-Balls are an effective way to reduce separation anxiety and boredom. Load one or more Stuff-A-Balls and give them to your dog or hide them around your house or yard before you leave home. This will distract your dog from the stress of your leaving and fill their time alone with appropriate, stimulating play.

Dental Recommendations:
Random and repeated use of the Stuff-A-Ball’s interactive feeding methods will produce positive reinforcement and bonding, resulting in more chewing of the Stuff-A-Ball. As your dog chews on the Stuff-A-Ball, their teeth will repeatedly penetrate the Denta-Ridges, producing an effective and thorough dental cleaning.
When beginning dental use, you may try adding one larger treat pieces that are more difficult to remove, encouraging chewing.
For a more effective dental cleaning, spread canine toothpaste or KONG Stuff’N Breath Treat between the Denta-Ridges.

Overweight dogs: Recent studies have shown that one in three dogs in the United States is overweight or obese. Almost all cases of obesity are the result of overfeeding and inactivity. Use of unrestrictive, self-feeding methods can allow your dog to over eat, quickly leading to obesity and its associated diseases. These include: heart disease, liver and kidney problems, and hip and joint deterioration.

Use the Stuff-A-Ball’s controlled food release instead of a food bowl. This will benefit dieting dogs and those that eat too fast. The controlled food release compels dogs to eat slowly, allowing them to feel full before overeating. Slower feeding and controlled portions also increase the efficiency of their digestive process by facilitating a more complete digestion and absorption of nutrients before passing through the digestive system. Your dog will also benefit from the exercise necessary to release the food from the Stuff-A-Ball .

Consult your veterinarian for proper feeding guidelines tailored to meet your dog’s individual dietary needs.