Kong Senior

Kong Senior


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 KONG Senior

  • Made for the ageing jaws
  • Medium rubber formula
  • Recommended for adult and senior dogs

About KONG
Today, most domestic dogs don’t have to work for food. In nature, however, dogs are predatory meat-eaters. Hunting for food is physically and intellectually challenging. The hunt is their “work.” Success on the job results in a well-earned “paycheck” – their meal. Eating meat off the bone satisfies their hunger, exercises their jaw muscles and keeps their teeth and gums clean. Depriving dogs of their natural drives can result in serious behavioral issues including: excessive barking, destructive chewing, soiling, digging and separation anxiety.

Important Behavioral Tips:
1) Is your dog healthy? - Schedule an exam with your veterinarian to be sure.
2) A proper diet is important. - Consult your veterinarian, trainer or breeder.
3) Enroll your dog in basic training classes. - Ask your veterinarian for a referral.
4) Provide KONGs for physical and mental stimulation.

Dogs Need KONGS!
- KONGs are widely used for therapy and prevention of boredom, separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. Regular use of KONGs can also improve oral health. Their unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into a game of chase, catch and chew. The hollow center can be filled with food and treats. A dab of peanut butter spread around the inside is very effective. For more stuffing ideas, send for a complimentary copy of “Recipe for the Perfect Dog”.

Put Your Dog To WORK!
- Providing food and/or treat stuffed KONGs for your dogs can keep them contentedly busy (working) and out of trouble for long periods of time. Add more stuffed KONGs to increase their work time. Note - Adjust bowl feeding as necessary to maintain a healthy diet.

Very Important - No Dog Toy is Indestructible Supervise your dog’s use of KONGs until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

Clean and Inspect KONGs Frequently
- Look for cracks, separations and/or missing pieces. Flex your dry KONG and inspect it from all angles. Loose pieces larger than a food nugget can be harmful if swallowed. Worn and damaged KONGs must be replaced immediately.

Your Dog's Safety is Your Responsibility - If you think your dog has swallowed a toy fragment (for example: If the toy was damaged and you cannot find every piece larger than a food nugget), promptly inform your veterinarian