Kong Puppy

Kong Puppy


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KONG Puppy

Puppy KONG’s design, size and unique new rubber formula provide the following benefits:
• Assists in teething.
• Aids in healthy development of your dog’s mouth.
• Promotes essential play.
• Encourages proper chewing habits.
• Soothes sore gums. (see below)

Helpful Information

1) Consult a veterinarian. Have your puppy checked and follow your veterinarian’s advise regarding a healthy diet, vaccinations, and training.

2) Reference a book on raising puppies.

3) ID tags are a must.

4) House etiquette is critical. Start potty training early, as is recommended by your veterinarian and puppy book.

5) Provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment. Ask your veterinarian or trainer about crate or den training.

6) Enroll in puppy classes. Check with your veterinarian, favourite pet supply store or call a certified trainer in your area.

7) Playtime is crucial. Provide safe, fun, and stimulating toys such as KONG or Dental KONG. This will help develop constructive chewing and play habits early to prevent serious problems later.

8) Bond with your pet. Spend time with your puppy in training, exercising, playing and affectionate grooming.

Your reward can be an enduring, loving relationship which is one of life’s most cherished experiences. 

Important Safety Information

NO DOG TOY IS INDESTRUCTIBLE! Kongs are safe, beneficial toys designed by people who know and love dogs. Supervise the use of all toys. FREQUENTLY INSPECT THE CLEAN TOY UNDER A BRIGHT LIGHT.

Look for damage (e.g., missing pieces, cracks, separations). Flex the dry toy and inspect it from different angles. LOOSE PIECES LARGER THAN A FOOD NUGGET CAN BE HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. WORN OR DAMAGED KONGS MUST BE REPLACED PROMPTLY TO MAINTAIN SAFE PLAY FOR YOUR PUPPY!

If you think your puppy has swallowed a toy fragment (for example, if the toy was damaged and you cannot find every piece larger than a food nugget) promptly inform your veterinarian. NOTE: If your puppy destroys a Puppy KONG in a short period of time, it is probably too small. We recommend upsizing to a larger Puppy KONG.

Precautions: Puppy KONG should not be given to puppies before they are weaned. If you have a multiple dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller dogs toys.

Outgrowing Puppy KONG
Puppy KONGs are available for small, medium and large breeds. Proper sizing is important. Puppy KONG is uniquely formulated for puppy teeth and gums. When your puppy’s adult teeth are in (usually 6-9 months), discontinue use of Puppy KONG.

At this age your puppy needs to be given toys that provide more exercise and resistance. Upsize to an adult strength red or black KONG properly sized for your breed. ULTIMATELY YOUR PUPPY’S SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.