Kong Flyer

Kong Flyer


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Kong Flyer

The Kong Flyer made with exclusive KONG Natural Rubber is the world's best flexible , rubber
flying disc. Accurate flight and soft-catch makes the new KONG Flyer perfect for a game of fetch
and catch . Fun, flying exercise for you and your dog

Getting Started with KONG Flying Disc:
Very Important:
Before you head out with your new KONG Flying Disc be pro-active in ensuring the health and well-being of your dog. There are some simple rules you should follow in order to protect you and your dog, ensuring a safe and enjoyable play session.

Always play on a flat, grass field free of holes, rocks or other potentially dangerous obstacles. Do not throw near trees, fences, posts or other obstructions. Only play during the day or in brightly lit areas. Always have water and shade available for your dog to prevent overheating during practice. Keep workouts short at first allowing your dogs stamina to build.

The KONG Flying Disc should be used as a retrieval toy not a tug toy. Tugging can be counterproductive to the retrieval game. Also, do not allow your dog to become too possessive of her KONG Flying Disc or show any aggression towards you while handling the disc. You should always control how and when games are played. The KONG Flying Disc is not a chew toy.