Simple Solution Washable Diaper X-Small

Simple Solution Washable Diaper For Dogs

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Simple Solution Washable Diaper For Dogs

These washable diapers are suited for dogs that suffer from incontinence, females on heat, puppies learning to be toilet trained or for all travel purposes. For unusually large problems or extended use, add a Simple Solution Disposable Liner to increase absorbency.

Before Use:
Try on for Size. Wash diaper for optimum performance. The more you wash it, the softer and more
absorbent it becomes. Simple Solution Diapers are easy to wash and dry! Attach the adjustable strips
to prevent snagging, wash the diaper seperately in warm water on the gentle cycle and line dry.

Slip your pet's tail through the hole and position the diaper between her back legs so that it is snug
against her underbelly. Adjust the diaper wings up towards her back and position for a secure fit. For male
dogs, use the next larger size or try Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps.

Size & Breeds:
XS  Young Puppies - Toy Breeds    (Weight:2-4kg)    (Waist 22-35cm)
S   Pekingese - Maltese     (Weight:4-7kg)    (Waist 30-48cm)
M   Beagle - Minature Poodle    (Weight:7-16kg)    (Waist 38-58cm)
L   Basset Hound - Bull Terrier    (Weight:16-25kg)(Waist 45-68cm)
XL  German Shepherd - Dalmation (Weight:25-40kg)(Waist 56-89cm)