2 Ended Rope Perch

2 Ended Rope Perch


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2 Ended Rope Perch

Cotton rope perches are great for birds to climb on and adds texture that is gentle for there feet to feel. They are pliable enough so you can bend them into a number of shapes (longer perches = more shapes) to increase their fun while still securely  attaching them to your birds cage with the hard platic screw caps.

It can be tossed in the washing machine or rinsed under running water for easy cleaning.

Available in 2 Sizes - 34cm and 61cm. This is the approximate length of rope not including plastic fasteners.

Choosing a place for the perch.

Make sure that the area directly below the perch is free of food and water containers or other perchs so that these are not contaminated by droppings.

Always dispose of broken or damaged toys to prevent illness or injury.