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Always read and follow the prescribed directions for use.

If irritation occurs stop using immediately and seek medical assistance from your Veterinarian.


Vetafarm Breeding AID

CODE: BC00357

$12.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Breeding AID Breeding Aid contains a blend of essential Fatty Acids (including Oleic and Linoleic Acids) that are used in t... More

Vetafarm Calcivet

CODE: BC00021

$13.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Calcivet LIQUID CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D3 SUPPLEMENT FOR BIRDS AND SMALL ANIMALS Indications: Calcium supplements are necessary f... More

Vetafarm D Nutrical

CODE: BC00076

$14.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm D Nutrical D Nutrical is a microfined powder containing triple calcium sources and multivitamins and minera... More

Vetafarm Probotic

CODE: BC00423

$13.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Probotic A concentrated water-soluble blend of 7 live microbes for use in drinking water or addition to food. Aids in t... More

Vetafarm Moulting Aid
(Including GST)
In stock
This product was discontinued on Oct 31st 2013. Moulting Aid is superseded by Vetafarm Multivet with Moulting Aid Vetafarm Moulti... More

Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus

CODE: BC00091

$92.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus Powder first aid supplement for sick and injured birds and animals. Literally saves lives when administered to bir... More

Vetafarm Soluvite D

CODE: BC00034

$10.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Soluvite D Powder vitamin supplement with increased Vitamin D3 for use in water or added to foods. Contains all 13 essenti... More

Vetafarm Soluvite D Breeder

CODE: BC00044

$87.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Soluvite D Breeder Essential vitamins and minerals, fortified with Vitamin D3 to promote health and breeding of birds housed indoor... More

Vetafarm Spark Liquid Concentrate

CODE: BC00144

$12.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Spark Liquid Concentrate Spark Liquid Concentrate is a blend of body salts and readily absorbed energy in a liquid format. Ideal f... More

Vetafarm Sweet Water

CODE: BC00133

$74.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Sweet Water Sweet water is used to maintain water freshness and provide natural organic acids to aid food breakdown. Addition of Swe... More

Passwell Egg & Biscuit


$29.95 (Including GST)
In stock
EGG & BISCUIT Balanced nutrition for breeding birds including canaries, finches, parrots, pigeons and dove... More

Polly's Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch


$14.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Polly's Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch Nutritious and fun. Made of 100% digestible ground calcium with real bee pollen. Taste variety includ... More

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Vetafarm Egg and Biscuit Formula

CODE: BC210235

$9.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Vetafarm Egg and Biscuit Formula Product description: Superior Egg & Biscuit is a completely balanced diet suitable for all birds includi... More

Manu Mineral Block Natural

CODE: 97-40001

(Including GST)
In stock
Manu Mineral Block Natural The Manu Parrot Mineral Block contains the same minerals found in the natural Manu River mineral deposits. It is an exa... More

Passwell Liquid Gold


$19.95 (Including GST)
In stock
Passwell Liquid Gold Calcium & Vitamin D3 Supplement for Birds Supplies calcium, essential minerals and antioxidants for healthy e... More